Underfloor heating has many advantages over radiant heating solutions. Air quality is generally better with underfloor heating solutions due to the reduction of the circulating air disturbing dust and other common household particles found in radiator based systems. This has the added effect of reducing allergens in the air as well as creating environments less conducive to mould and damp. By having the system secured under your floor, you also eliminate the need for radiators, giving you more space for interior design and cleaner wall spaces. By removing radiators, health and safety hazards are reduced, eliminating any bulky systems that can be a hazard through accidental contact, this is particularly useful in living spaces with young children or the the elderly. Finally, underfloor heating is a more sustainable and green solution for heating your rooms, reducing your households carbon footprint.

Whether overcoming a damp problem, eliminating cold spots in your home or full underfloor heating solutions throughout your home, we have years of experience installing underfloor heating solutions, please get in touch with us and will be happy to discuss any projects you might have in mind.