Solar panel electricity or PV (solar photovoltaics) use the light from the sun to generate electricity using photovoltaic cells. Despite myth, these cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and will still generate electricity even on cloudy days, so despite living with the great British weather, they can still be beneficial. There are several benefits to using solar electricity to power your household, a few include:

  • Reducing your electricity bills
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Get paid for generating electricity (Even if you use it) – Via the governments Feed-in Tariff scheme
  • Selling unused energy to the grid

An average 4kWp system will generate around 3,800 kW hours of electricity per year, saving almost 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide at the same time. They can be mounted onto a roof or on the ground, however systems on the ground will usually require more maintenance to ensure they are always unobstructed. Panels on roofs will require very little maintenance and are usually rated to have a lifespan upwards of 25 years.